Salford University Host Festive Fun Run

On Friday 2nd December, students ran a festive 3k to raise money for Salford University’s very own children’s cancer research charity ‘Kidscan’.

Wearing festive hats, reindeer antlers, elf and santa suits, runners were expected to show off their most festive costumes to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

Runners posing in their festive costumes at Salford's festive fun run.
Photograph taken by Danielle McHugh of the runners posing in their festive costumes at Salford’s festive fun run.

Runners gathered on Broadwalk outside of the University’s sports centre where they took part in a short warm up before starting the race.

Whilst playing festive tunes, organisers from the sports centre, Kidscan charity workers and fellow university students cheered on from the sidelines.

According to Cancer Research UK “around 1 in 500 children in Great Britain will develop some form of cancer by 14 years of age”.

As cancer is a large contributor to the death in children in the UK the aims of the charity are to be a source of information about childhood cancer, improve the treatment of children through developing new treatments and support programmes which in turn will help to achieve the overall aim of curing children with cancer.



By funding research, Kidscan states “our scientists are developing treatments which are less damaging to the bodies of children and young adults whilst retaining the effectiveness of many current treatments”.

Kidscan have supported scientists at the University of Salford who have designed a new drug which identifies how healthy cells can take charge of cancerous cells in order to prevent tumours from developing to treat early stage cancers.

The fun runners gathering at the sports centre before the race.
Photograph taken by Danielle McHugh of the fun runners gathering at the sports centre before the race.

Due to Kidscan’s successful research projects since being established in 2002, the charity has won their very first ‘Charity Of The Year Award’ for their connections to the local community and for their efforts on improving the health of children.

According to the Salford Shopping Centre website, Lowri Turner, fundraising manager at Kidscan, said “We were thrilled to have been chosen as Salford Shopping Centre’s Charity of the Year. This partnership has brought huge benefits to us and we’ve been really excited to be working alongside the team. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the centre, this support will undoubtedly bring huge benefits to Kidscan in the longer term too”.

Volunteers from the sports centre were on hand to congratulate and offer medals to runners as they crossed the finishing line. Fun runners were also able to receive a free massage.

Volunteers from the University's sports centre promoting free massages.
Photograph taken by Danielle McHugh of the volunteers from the University’s sports centre promoting free massages.

Jaylynn Fyne came in first place with a time of 15:01, with Richard Baker in second (15:49) and Tim Pearson in third (15:54).

The sports centre released all of the timings for the race on their official twitter page earlier this week.

Kidscan relies on funding from the public through making donations or taking part in events which help raise money to support this great cause. Click the link to see a timeline of scheduled fundraising events for the following year.

Or visit the Kidscan website where you can make an online donation.


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